A rare and delightful find in the heart of Taipei.

Redin Residences offer you the perfect combination of seclusion and connection to heart of Taipei.

Live smart, stay connected.

Enjoy a wealth of benefits; only a true serviced apartment can provide. From exquisite dining options to scenic cityscapes, Redin Residences in the only Serviced apartment in the vicinity. 

History at its finest

The Captivating Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is a firm favourite destination to visit

Adventures in Raohe Night Market

Other Amenities 

Taiwan Ferris Landmark (Taipei 101)

Hospitals (Taipei Medical University Attached Hospital, Taipei City Union Hospital Songde Campus)

main outbound roads: Xinyi Expressway, Citizen Elevated

Mass Transportation Connections: MRT blue line, red line, transfer stations Taipei

Cultural and leisure landmark: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Matsuyama cultural and creative Park, Broadway theaters Studios, forty-four Village

International five-star hotel brand

Jian department stores (department stores the world's highest density)

Foreign institutions in Taiwan*

*Domestic and foreign financial institutions headquartered everywhere: Fubon headquarters building, Nanshan Plaza, Shin Kong Bank headquarters, Cathay financial Center, far Glory Lutheran financial building, the headquarters of South China Bank, ING Antai Life Insurance, CSC financial building, JP Morgan Chase financial building, Citibank Taiwan Headquarters.